Parker Chiller - Hyperchill Plus

The robust and compact design of the Hyperchill Plus range, coupled with the premium build quality, guarantee that the highest level of cooling performances can be achieved. Key performance characteristics delivered by the Hyperchill Plus range include:

Stable chiller operation & cooling conditions
Maintains the cleanliness & quality of the cooling fluid
Improved efficiency and productivity of the industrial process
Reduced maintenance costs & plant downtime

The non-ferrous hydraulic circuit, generously sized stainless-steel water tank, oversized condensers & evaporator guarantee energy efficient chiller operation. Cooling performance is guaranteed through a wide range of ambient conditions at differing loads. All chillers are equipped with safety devices ensuring protection of the customers investment. Modbus interface for remote monitoring is available from the ICEP007 model onwards.

The wide range of options and accessories guarantees the flexibility of the Hyperchill Plus range to meet the requirements of the most challenging industrial applications.


Les besoins de refroidissement se retrouvent fréquemment dans les secteurs industriels et commerciaux. Le refroidissement se divise généralement en plusieurs groupes :

Parker Hyperchill Plus
Process Cooling

This type of cooling is applied when an accurate and constant control of temperature within a process is required. Precision water chillers are commonly used due to their ability to provide cooling capacity regardless of changes to the ambient temperature, heat load and flow requirements of the application.

Parker Hyperchill Plus
Comfort Cooling / Climate Control

This type of cooling technology regulates the temperature and humidity in a space. The technology is generally simple and used for cooling rooms, electrical cabinets or other places where temperature control does not have to be precise and constant. Air conditioning units fall into this technology group.


In its most simplistic form, process cooling can be defined as follows:

Process Cooling is the removal of unwanted heat from a process.

Removal of the unwanted heat is often necessary to ensure the process continues in a safe, efficient & reliable manner.

Parker Hyperchill Plus


Precision water chillers can be integrated with ease into most applications. The water chiller utilises a refrigeration circuit to remove the heat load passed onto the cooling fluid (water or Glycol mix) returning from the application.

The ability of a precision water chiller to operate across a range of ambient conditions at variable loads make them ideal for delivering efficient process cooling. Advantages of using water chillers for process cooling include the following :

Maintain constant and precise control of the process temperature
Cooling fluid can be delivered direct to the application heat source
Cooling is independent of the ambient conditions
Minimise potential contamination of the process through closed loop water circuit
Cooling fluid is recirculated reducing waste and cost
Modular design offering expansion options
High heat exchange capacity
Water is a readily available & low-cost resource in most industries
Potential to integrate into existing free cooling systems

The ICEP range offers a versatile and flexible solution for applications requiring a cooling capacity in the range of 1.7 KW to 58.3 KW. Key details of the range are as follows :



Model ICEP002-W003-W005-W007-W010-W014-W020-W024-W030-W040-W050-W060-W
Cooling Capacity1 – kW1.
Compressor abs. power – kW0.
SEPR HT33.153.734.54.554.864.734.534.514.765.135.125.11
Power supply – V/ph//230/ 1 / 50400/ 3 / 50
Protection Index3354


TypeHermetic PistonsScroll
Compressors / circuit1.7
Max.abs. power1 compressor – kW0.


Quantity – n.o111111222222
Max .abs.power1 fan – kW0.
Air flow – m2/h43012951295343734374337487861599437160291521516875


Condenser water flow – m3/hN/A1.
Condenser connections – inN/A3/4″3/4″3/4″1″1 1/4″1 1/4″1 1/4″


Max abs.power – kW0.
Water flow (nom/max)1 – m3/h0.3/1.90.6/1.90.9/1.91.3/4.81.8/4.82.5/63.4/9.64.9/9.65.1/9.66.9/188.4/1810.1/18
Head pressure (nom/min)1 – m H2 O35/533/526/530/12.829/12.829/2129/17.328/17.326/17.329/23.127/23.125/23.19


Sound pressure (axial)2 – dB(A)525252535350505051525253

1) At water temperature 20/15oC, glycol 0%, either 25oC ambient temperature (air-cooled models) or 25oC condenser
water inlet temperature with 35oC condensing temperature (water-cooled models)

2) Referred to axial fan version in free field conditions at a distance of 10m from until, measured to condenser side, 1m from ground.

3) Value calculated in accordance with the European regulation (EU) 2016/2281 with regards to Ecodesign requirements for high temperature process chillers.

As the manufacturer of process chillers delivering water at a design temperature of 15oC, Parker Hannifin Manufacturing s.r.l, Gas Seperation and filtration Division EMEA, declares that Parker chiller are exempt from Ecodesign EU Regulation 2016/ 2281.


Width – mm520755755756756756756756756856856856
Depth – mm500535535806806806120612061206195619561956
Height – mm550801801140514051405140514051405168016801680
Connections in/out – in1/2″3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″3/4″1″1″1″1 1/2″1 1/2″1 1/2″
Tank capacity – 1151522,5656565100100130250250250
Weight (axial) – kg408085160165175220230250450470510
Weightwater cooled) – kgN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A175220230250450470510

Parker Hyperchill Plus dimensions