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HYPERION X - Electric motor for high speed applications


Energy performance
Maximum speed up to

0 000 RPM

Up to

600kW power


The HYPERION X series is a range of electric motor that have been specially developed for high speed direct drive applications, automotive and aeronautical test benches, turbo-compressors or even gas or biogas turbines; from 0.5kW to 600kW power, with speeds ranging from 1,000 to 80,000 RPM.

It offers a large choice of easily configurable options

Constant power operation in S1 operation
No variable-speed drive oversizing
Adapter sets for all torquemeters on the market
Integrated temperature probes in the bearings, as well as in the stator
Integrated vibration sensors on the 3 axes : X, Y and Z
Bearing wear sensor as an option
Various types of encoder feedback available (Resolver, sin/cos, or incremental)
Very compact and water cooled

Developed motors
with you in mind

Equipped with double or triple angular contact bearings in tandem, the HYPERION X offers robust, durable construction for a large number of applications.

Manufactured in an aeronautical aluminum housing, with an optional carbon rotor, it offers the best compactness and lightness in its category, allowing a very high vibration threshold to be obtained.

other motors
Up to 230 kW
Up to 50,000 RPM
Sin/Cos encoder as standard
Quick connector
Torquemeter set
Water input/output
Only right or left
Optimized rotor
Aluminum housing

Associated variable-speed drive ⚡️

Cooling solution ❄️

The HYPERION X motor line is paired with the Parker AC30 series variable speed drive and Hyperchill Plus coolers that providing precise control of the coolanttemperature.

Variateur Parker A30
Variable-speed drive PARKER AC30 series
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PARKER's chiller Hyperchill Plus
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Hyperchill plus Parker


C.E HYPERION X Compliance

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